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 Dolce – Desserts

Affogato 9.90

Vanilla ice-cream topped with a shot of espresso

Add Frangelico 12.90

Gelato(choice of 3 flavours) 12.90

Belgian Chocolate                      Vanilla Bean

Lemon Sorbet                           Pistachio

Raspberry Sorbet                    Hazelnut                           Coconut


Panna cotta al caramello salato  15.90

Layers of Savoiardi sponge biscuits soaked in espresso coffee and mascarpone cream


Fondente di cioccolato 16.90

Hot dark chocolate lava cake filled with a white chocolate medallion, served with hazelnut crumble and a scoop of vanilla gelato


Crème brulée                 16.90

Vanilla bean infused crème brulee served with almond biscotti and garnished with seasonal fruits


Tiramisu  15.90

Layers of Savoiardi sponge biscuits soaked in espresso coffee and mascarpone cream


Crostata Di Mele 17.90

Hot crispy puff pastry apple tart topped with vanilla gelato (allow 15 minute baking time)


Cheese Platter 27.90 or $8.00 per cheese 40g

Served with muscatel grapes, pear, walnuts, honey and olive lavosh

Verde Capra (soft), blue cheese made with goats milk

Truffle Pecorino (hard) sheep milk cheese infused with truffle

Testun Di Barolo (semi hard) – cow and sheep’s milk cheese pressed with nebbiolo grapes

Tea (loose Leaf)

Chamomile, earl grey, peppermint, green 5.00


Short Black, Long Black 4.00

Cappuccino, Flat White, Cafe Latte, Macchiato, Mocha, Hot Chocolate 4.50

Chai Latte 4.80

Add flavours (Hazelnut, Vanilla & Caramel) 1.00

Liqueur Coffee 12.90

Jamaican – Tia Maria  Irish – Irish Whisky                  Roman – Galliano

Italian – Sambuca                   Mexican – Kahlua                    French – Cognac

Royal – Grand Marnier            Canale – Frangelico

Dessert Wines

Glass of Dessert Wine (Bird of Fire)              Reverina – NSW                                             13.90

Bird of Fire, 2013 Botrytis Semillon                Riverina – NSW                      2013                54.90

NV Saddlers Creek Muscat                            Rutherglen – VIC                                             64.90

Passito Pantelleria                                          Marsala – Italy                                     69.90

Henschke Noble Rot Semillon                        Eden Valley                             2013                85.90

Krauthaker Zelenac                                         Kutjevo – Croatia                    2009                95.90


Amaro Del Capo                                                       Italy                                                           9.00

Amaro Averna                                                           Italy                                                           9.00

Amaro Montengro                                                     Italy                                                           9.00

Cynar                                                                          Italy                                                           9.00

Fernet Branca                                                           Italy                                                           9.00

Jagermeister                                                 Germany                                                9.00

Pelinkovac                                                                 Croatia                                                    9.00

Ports & Tawnys

Galway Pipe                                                  South Australia                                      12.00

Ramos Pinto Adriano Reserve                                Portugal                                                  13.90 Ramos Pinto Vintage 2011                         Portugal                                                  15.90

Grandfather                                                    South Australia                                     16.00

Sljivovica Badel                                                           Zagreb, Croatia                                        9.00

Stara Pesma   (aged plum brandy)                 Bajina Basta, Serbia                              12.00

Grappa Luigi Francoli                                               Piedmont, Italy                                      12.00

Berta Tresolitre  2007                       Nebbiolo         Piedmont, Italy                                      24.00

Berta Bric del Gaian 2005   Moscato         Piedmont, Italy                                      24.00

Berta Roccanivo 2005                     Barbera           Piedmont, Italy                                      24.00


Courvoisier                                                                                                        14.00

Martell VSOP                                                                                                       14.00

Hennessy VSOP                                                                                                                   16.00

Remy Martin VSOP                                                                                                              16.00

Courvoisier XO                                                                                                                     22.00

Hennessy XO                                                                                                                        22.00



Horny Monkey                                                             9.90     Q.F                                                      9.90

Kahlua, banana liqueur, Baileys & cream                   Kahlua, Midori & Baileys
Panty Dropper                                               9.90      Seduction                                            9.90

Frangelico & gin                                                                      Banana liqueur, Frangelico & Baileys
B52                                                                              9.90     Whiplash                                             9.90

Kahlua, Baileys & Cointreau                                       Cointreau & Chartreuse
Cowboy                                                                       9.90     Electric Eel                                          9.90

Butterscotch schnapps, Baileys & Kahlua                             Blue Curacao, peach schnapps, triple sec